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» Structure

Structure – “I’m not making the saddle; I’m trying to buy one!”

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You are right!  The solution is to learn as much as possible about saddle fit before you make that purchase. 

You’d think that paying more for a saddle meant the quality would be better than a cheaper saddle.  Well, this simply is not true.  Quality control is not high on the list of manufacturers’ priorities.  In fact, many new saddles are purchased with serious defects such as panels and flaps installed asymmetrically and/or twisted trees. 

Examine the saddle carefully from all angles to check for balance and symmetry.  Minor differences from one side to the other can be tolerated, but most differences that can be seen will cause pressure points on the horse’s back and/or cause the rider difficulty in finding the correct position in the saddle. 

Basic good structure is the foundation of a quality saddle and is the first consideration when purchasing one.

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