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» Measure the Horse's Back and Summary

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Measure the Horse’s Back - “How?”

To start off - construct a basic diagram of the horses back.  Use a flexible ruler from a stationary store.  It’s easy to use and works well as a rough guide to the fit of the tree. Such a ruler can be molded to the shape of the horse’s withers.

At four inch intervals along the saddle area, use the ruler and cardboard to make a cut-out basic diagram of the horses back.  By holding the cut-out shapes of the back inside a saddle, a very general idea of whether the saddle may fit can be obtained.

Several new methods, including computerized pressure analysis and thermography are becoming available which will help with fitting saddles.  

How to prevent your horse from saddling you!

Listen, learn, and pay close attention to your horse.  Knowledge is the first step in preventative care.  Many times we seek out short term solutions for preventable problems.  Learning may seem time consuming at first, but once information becomes applicable you have power to prevent potential problems that will take more time, money, and to resolve. 

Live a more conscious, harmonious life while living side by side with your animals.  It requires very little human effort other than the application of learned knowledge and the time it takes to care for these beloved creatures called horses.  That way you won’t have to have that nightmare about your horse choosing your socks and shoes for the day!   Start with the basics and be certain you have a correct saddle fit.