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"Correct saddle fitting is as important to the equine athlete as correct shoe fitting is to the human athlete. In the last twenty years great strides have been made in the running shoe industry, while the saddle industry has stood still or even lost ground."



Here is what you will find on this website:

  • If you are experiencing behavior problems or performance issues with your horse, it could be due to an improper fitting saddle. Find out more.

  • People, horses and saddles come in all shapes and sizes. Be sure to consider all three variables before you purchase a saddle. Find out more.

  • Keep your horse from saddling you! A little knowledge can go a long way. Read and apply the tips on these pages and you'll be on your way to a more rewarding experience with your horse. Find out more.
  • Advancements in computerized technology make it easier to fit your horse with a saddle. Find out more.